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    Wire Shelves Basket Packages Leverage your Space

    Wire Shelves Basket Packages are functional, practical and creative ways to handle space and mobility of merchandise. Both the modular stacking wire baskets and the hanging baskets allow mobility and the swift transport of anything placed on the chrome wire shelves.


    These versatile shelf pieces offers both portability and mobility and present a practical way of storing and displaying items and products such as fruits, foodstuff and other perishables, as well as non-perishables like sports items, clothing wrapped in soft, transparent plastic pouches, or other hard objects of small size.


    Specific items under the Wire Shelves Basket Packages include:

    Modular Chrome Wire Baskets, providing a size dimension of 14” x 36” x 9” to a maximum of 20” x 48” x 12”. One basket type has built-in two chrome dividers, providing three compartments where fruits and vegetables can be stored separately. The other type is beautifully-crafted single basket without compartments with large enough space.


    The 48” Mobile Stacking Basket is designed is a 5-level or a “5-storey” set of chrome baskets with a transport cart that can handle all your stacking requirements in just one piece. Perfect for purchasing and transporting merchandise within short distance locations. This unit has built-in compartments per level.


    The 48” Stationary Stacking Basket is a beautifully-designed 5-level or a “5-storey” set of chrome baskets but without a transport cart that can handle all your stacking requirements in just one piece. Just perfect for displaying food and grocery items in your store. This unit has built-in compartments per level. The basket is great for kitchen use too.


    The Chrome Hanging Baskets have smaller dimensions, from 11” x 17-3/8” x 7-3/8” to a maximum of 17” x 35-1/2” x 7-3/8,” with or without compartments, spacious enough to store and display personal effects like watches and wallets, dry items and electronic items such as cell phones, iPods and tablets.


    Hanging Basket Dividers can be easily attached to the Hanging Basket, ranging from a minimum of 3" x 4-1/2" to 15" x 4-1/2" with 3 hook stands. The dividers provide a great feature to the Wire Shelves Basket Packages.


    These space saving and environment-friendly storage units present a functional way of storing items and products. Sturdy, light and easy to move around, the storage units can either be in stationary mode or mobile mode. The Wire Shelves Basket Packages are most useful in day-to-day purchases of products requiring a shuttling back and forth, as well as business operations requiring the delivery of products, such as bakery products from the source area to the point of distribution. You can view site : http://wire-shelves.com/


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